Ridge for a Thatched Roof

Often, customers are surprised when we ask them what type of ridge they want for their thatched roof. Sometimes, a customer is not able to select a different option for the ridge, as the building is quite old and has to remain as it is, or because local regulations don’t allow any other option.

There are even several variants for a ridge:

  • From reed
  • From heath
  • From Dutch tiles
  • From aluminium leaves
  • From copper leaves

All ridge variants have their own unique charm and are compatible with the building’s architecture.

The oldest ridges were made from reed and heath. These ridges are of natural origin; therefore they are subject to the influence of environmental factors and are naturally present. Therefore, it is necessary to renew such ridges over time.

Ridges made from Dutch tiles, aluminium and copper sheets have a long lifespan and will last as long as your thatched roof.


If your building is not subject to any local regulations, I recommend you think which ridge is best suited for your thatched roof.