Annual thatched roof inspection

Annual thatched roof inspection: This is a new service, where your thatched roof will be inspected each year by a specialist for thatched roofs. Following the inspection, you will receive a professional report on the condition of the roof as well as recommendations.

If, after inspecting the roof, it is determined that works are necessary or recommended, you decide what to do next after receiving the report with the cost estimate, whether or not to commission the services. The annual thatched roof inspection contract does not oblige you to commission roof repair work from us; at your option, the work can be carried out by another contractor without issue.

The fee for an annual thatched roof contract depends on the configuration of the roof size and on your location. Please contact us immediately if you want to avail of this service and ensure the longevity of your thatched roof.

An annual inspection of the thatched roof is important to ensure the longevity of your thatched roof, as smaller defects can be spotted and repaired immediately, thus preventing larger issues from occurring in the first place. Anything can happen, maybe the roof was damaged after a storm, maybe a marten got stuck in your thatched roof, all these things cause even more damage to your thatched roof if left untreated. As our customer, you are always a step ahead of schedule, and as you know, this is not usually the case when you get urgent help from a thatching company. Order yourself or offer it to your neighbours. You can easily do this by contacting us.

I urgently recommend ordering this service. Often, our hectic lives cause us to lose the focus on seemingly smaller things and we then tend to postpone them. When ordering this service with us, you will no longer need to worry about that. We will take care of everything.

We will see each other.