Thatched Roof and Fire Protection

You will have to agree with me that everything is flammable, depending on the strength of the fire, its temperature and the given conditions for the spread of the fire. Reed is no exception, as it is flammable as well. Reed coverings are considered to be a flammable material. However, this does not mean that a thatched roof will burn all the time. We can implement additional fire protection measures to reduce the likelihood of a thatched roof catching fire or to provide additional protection against flames spreading rapidly inside the building.

Additionally, we offer our customers the following fire protection measures for their thatched roofs:
Mounting of non-flammable panels on the rafters.
Attaching the special Sepatec fire protection fabric to the roof battens before laying the thatched roofing. We are certified by the Sepatec manufacturer, and on completion of the work a certificate for the installed Sepatec system will be issued to the homeowner. This means that customers can significantly lower their insurance premiums.
Impregnation of the reed covering with flame retardants specifically developed for reed. This impregnation of the thatch coating takes place after the thatch coating has been covered. In accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, this impregnation should be performed every 5-8 years.

The fire protection measures listed above can be used as a complex or by selecting a single protection method.

I have to point out that these protective measures for a thatched roof do not offer 100% protection against fire or the spread of fire. However, they will definitely give you some much-needed extra time. In the meantime, lives may be saved, your property may be saved, and of course, firefighters will have extra time to extinguish the fire, reducing the impact of the fire on your property.