Natural Reed and Artificial Reed

As with any other construction material, alternatives have been and are being developed. These processes did not stop at thatched roofs. Today you can choose the reed to cover your roof with.

Natural reed is nature on your roof. If everything is done with high quality and professionalism, this is a reliable and long-lasting roof covering for your home. Thatched roofs have been tried and tested for thousands of years.

In comparison, artificial reed is a rather new product. This material has been on the market for about 10 years now.

In my opinion, there is no guarantee that a roof will remain intact for decades if covered with artificial reed. As with any roof, shingles or anything else, work needs to be done over time. Natural or artificial - reed is no exception and will be in need of maintenance sooner or later.

You can decide for yourself how wide you want your artificial thatched roof to be. You can choose between 15 cm and 20 cm and decide for yourself what look you want to give your home. At Candur, artificial reed is available in two different colours. The light artificial thatch corresponds to the colour of freshly laid natural thatch, whereas the dark artificial thatch is more like the colour of older thatched roofs. Thus, you can optimally adapt your home to your wishes.

Our artificial reed is developed and produced in the Netherlands, allowing us to guarantee the highest possible quality of roofs.

But with the advantages of Candur. Fire-resistant, waterproof and with a long lifespan. From now on you can opt for the beautiful appearance of a natural thatched roof, covered with Candur.

With Candur, a thatched roof becomes widely accessible. For example, because a natural thatched roof requires an angle of inclination of 45 degrees for quick drying. This is not necessary with a Candur roof. This material is non- decomposable and waterproof. This means that the possibilities are endless, and many more homes and business premises are structurally eligible. This makes Candur excellent news for homeowners, architects, building contractors and project developers, also with regard to the value of the property.